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Is he flirting or being friendly I Am Looking Real Sex

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Is he flirting or being friendly

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Fun fun fun fun fun. I've been thinking about trying hookah, but no, I don't smoke. 100 clean and really nice and cool girl.

Age: 43
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City: Grand Prairie, TX
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If a guy is into you, he takes a very particular stance.

He stands with his hands on his hips, his shoulders back, and his legs apart. Men do this subconsciously because it makes them look bigger, which in their mind means more appealing to you.

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We men, when we want to impress or connect with someone, we just naturally raise our eyebrows and smile. It's cool if you have things in common, but also, he sees an opportunity--an entryway--to keep talking to you!

So, usually, with men, the most important thing to us in a conversation is to get to the point. What exactly are we resolving or fixing? Where are we meeting?

The end. Our brains are literally programmed to cut to the chase, fix situations, and move on.

To break it down for you, flirting happens when your intentions are to date or have a sexual relationship with somebody. If you are just being friendly, then you . You've got beautiful eyes. Can I buy you a drink? Sometimes flirting is obvious, but oftentimes it's much more indirect and subtle. Sure, he seems to be taking an . Wondering if your colleague is flirting with you or simply being nice at work? Worry no more. Watch out for the following signs to be certain for sure.

Men who are interested want to find out your availability and who their competition is. Some might call this being chivalrous.

He may even go above and beyond and make sure to walk on the outside of the sidewalk, protecting you from traffic, or offer to hold your purse. I know bekng sounds weird.

Zoning out? Well, actually, not so.

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Think about it. Into your eyes!

I want to kiss. What should I say next? Men get nervous and vulnerable too, which is why flirting can be hard to distinguish!

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