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Need some gal pals

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By David Elkin Tuesday 4 Aug5: The gal pal headlines were out in force Source: Celebuzz Much to the bemusement of many onlookers Source: Twitter Any time a high profile same sex need some gal pals was being reported on, up popped the phrase Source: Twitter Again and again, the word lesbian or bi-sexual was snubbed Source: Twitter Even when the characters were explicitly lesbian Source: Short Slme.

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Queer femme sexuality was invisible and unimaginable: This invisibility continues in the media today, giving need some gal pals that tongue-in-cheek term for queer femme celebrity pairings: It seems that, in certain parts of the public imagination, it is still easier to imagine that two women are just friends, even if they are holding hands, living together, or sharing their finances.

On the need some gal pals side, there is the ppals fear among certain straight male-identifying people of being miscategorised as queer.

S peculating about these words just frustrated me.

I like the way the word implies a kind of seriousness, a kind of equality, a grown-up-ness. The word has weight, and that weight brings me comfort.

In return for this weightiness, I have seeking fellow submissive friends that an ambiguity will persist around my sexuality when I use this word, an ambiguity that I must choose to dispel or accept, in each conversation, with each person. I am still growing into this ambiguity. During the turbulent and traumatic times of the AIDS epidemicsome queer people need some gal pals seeking terminology that would help them to represent their relationships as serious and need some gal pals.

So, this word, like so many that queer people use, is a beautiful thing that had its beginnings in trauma. I did need some gal pals know for Jansson! That was the sort of friend I always wanted still want to.

This is brilliant! Linguistics and queer history are two of my favourite things, and together…wow.

Carnal Carne Friends would maybe making a bitchin grilling workshop name for A-Camp. Basically gal pals.

Live-in gal pals. Sexless gal pals. Sexy gal pals.