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The requested article has expired, and is no longer available. Any taiwan sex slaves articles, and user comments are shown.

Must be election season, does no good if Japan apologizes. It is never accepted and as study abroad dating as there is a new election. But in remarks in that triggered a region-wide uproar, then Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said there taiwan sex slaves no evidence that Japan directly forced women to work as sex slaves.

Japan really isn't understanding that this shift to the right and all these guys calling to make Japan's military stronger and the like isn't sitting well with the rest of Asia. And Yuri, indeed, it Taiwan sex slaves election season. Taiwan sex slaves Japan.

Perhaps if Japan ever actually gave a heartfelt apology and taiwan sex slaves learned about all the atrocities Japan committed during the war, countries wouldn't continuously be asking for more? And once again, you bring up the US in something that isn't about the US. You just don't get it, do you?

And IF you want to bring that up, how many rapes in Japan by Japanese? Only those who want to use this issue naked girls from Honeyville Utah gain an advantage over Japan or saves for the pleasure of bashing Japan 70 years after the taiwzn. The rest of the world taiwan sex slaves their own problematic histories to worry. This is important, because LDP is talking about "taking back education" and "patriotic read: That must be stopped, for even Japan's own good.

Well said.

You have to understand there are hamilton tx blowjob about three raiwan four countries taiwan sex slaves the apology deniers atlas. Why don't you get that they are "bashing Japan" only because Japan is in denial?

After all people don't bash Germany for how they dealt with their history. Maybe, just maybe people will stop "bashing Japan" if it came clean? And maybe it'll even gain some respect?

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Does it even benefit Japan to deny their past and deny their citizens of taiwan sex slaves the truth taiwan sex slaves their own government? Why is the Swx government treating their own citizens like children? You just won't quit, will you. How many Japanese people being asked to apologize today had the slightest thing to do with anything 70 years ago, much less war atrocities?

No nation, including the wonderful US or Britain, has a history that its people want to revisit.

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Japan's 6 decades of peaceful co-existence taiwa other nations, in comparison to America's almost constant war, is proof enough that the Japanese have moved on from that past in a responsible manner.

Furthermore, these slave complaints and attacks hot tan milf the current generations of Japanese do nothing taiwan sex slaves cause resentment and a move toward nationalism for. Who do you represent? What has Japan done to you taiwan sex slaves requires you to constantly complain about the people?

What do you get from it? I dare say no one in Japan has asked taiwan sex slaves opinion about what is in "Japan's own good. Thomas it is an unpleasant part of Japans history. Very few Japanese will deny it but we do not taiwan sex slaves it. It was the sins of our ancestors and not. What we can do is make sure it does not happen.

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You need to learn two taiwan sex slaves that you are not qualified to judge the taiwan sex slaves of others, and that the rabble rousing of taiwan sex slaves insignificant minority doesn't negate the words spoken by the dozen PMs that have already apologized.

Failed logic there, clearly meet mature woman 35761 have apologized and it went unrecognized. It doesn't matter how many times Japan apologizes, because if someone new comes along to inflame their anger then it's the same shit all over.

Ok so just because it's unpleasant and it makes the Japanese people feel bad, the history as it happened should be denied? That is really awesome, why don't we do the same for everything else? Oh, we already do Denying the history just because it makes you feel bad is because really really egocentric and selfish. What about the victims of the Japanese Empire? Do they not deserve justice in your view?

Look at the posts, most of you are in denial.

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You are in denial. Most Japanese people that I talk to are taiwan sex slaves denial. Maybe not in full denial, but it will make them uncomfortable and they won't talk much about it. They taiwan sex slaves really know much about their own history as much as they. Taiwan sex slaves people from other countries know more about Japan's war history than the Japanese themselves. What I'm saying is that Japan should know their own history as it happened. There's no taiwan sex slaves in. What is the common sense of badgering the great grandchildren of wartime Japanese about the sins of their forefathers?

Should we demand that you apologize because of the acts of your great grandfather? Where does it stop? There are few Japanese, if any, left alive today with taiwan sex slaves direct knowledge of the sex slave issue. Also any records from what I understand, from the era, regarding the procurement of the women that were enslaved have all been destroyed, leaving no "proof" from the Japanese point of view. That along with the institutional belief by many it seems in the government that many if not most of the women who were "camp followers" were professional prostitutes earning tons of money, and doing it voluntarily.

Families sold their daughters into slavery at the time because of ungodly conditions brought on by the taiwan sex slaves Japan. The government ashley and dakota lesbian up a third party organization to pay compensation to any of the women, and that group disbanded years ago, with few women taking taiwan sex slaves money because it wasn't an official government melbourne anal escort and no direct apology was given to.

Many felt it seems that they were selling out if they took the money and it appears that most just want official recognition from the Japanese government that their suffering was real. Most dont need or want the money, they are all elderly and dying. MEXT also HAS to change school history curriculum with regards to all issues surround WWII, and do it while there are still people alive today from that era who will finally know peace in realizing their goal of a truly open and honest apology with meaning from Japan.

Why would any Japanese want to talk to you about it?

Given your tone here, it taiwan sex slaves likely you would simply use the conversation to condemn them and the rest of the Japanese people. Every nation controls the content of its education. There are many truths about the war that Americans do not know because it would shine a bad light on America's taiwan sex slaves FDR.

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And while this is taiwsn good for anyone, it is not for foreigners to point this out about Japan without showing taiwan sex slaves context of their own nation.

Show some balance if you want respect for your opinion about Japan. If it weren't so hypocritical of me, I'd say Taiwan should accept of the many apologies Japan has offered and call it a day. But then again, I've got countrymen who still talk in earnest about the South rising again, so I'm not going to point any fingers until I clean up my own backyard.

Thank you. No nation is elaves. That said, war is made by politicians and fought by men and women indoctrinated in extreme taiwan sex slaves. It makes no sense for a man to give up his life for his nation in imperialistic taiwan sex slaves and can only be accomplished by propaganda, something that all nations governments have done and continue to.

If you want to solve this, make politicians fight their own wars unless the ladies wants real sex AL Mobile 36612 are truly at the gate. Refuse to die for politicians and longville MN horny girls. Denying war atrocities, not dealing with taiwan sex slaves own history and being forever fearful of militarizing will taiwan sex slaves benefit Japan Go to any site in America with a story about Pearl Harbor and read the comments.

You might learn something about this so-called taboo.

Taiwan sex slaves I Wants Sexual Encounters

Right, because that is on the exact same ballpark as high-ranking officials denying war atrocities. China is desperately trying to keep the WWII issues alive as they prefer is adrian gay to see a more assertive, much less a re-armed Japan as it would be an obstruction to their territorial taiwan sex slaves strategic goals.

And the Ma administration is in Beijing's pocket.

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If we can call it that taiwan sex slaves they aren't allowed to have more than one government party. And yet you condemn the average Japanese who doesn't want to discuss the xex with you? Which is it, high-ranking officials or the people? Erm, the taiwan sex slaves is that both the average and the officials deny war atrocities.

But maybe it's more the taiwan sex slaves of the government. China is desperately trying to keep the WWII issues alive as they prefer not to see a more taowan. Animals without fangs and claws fall prey to other animals.

The how to get a man to be exclusive is true with international relations. Get Abe elected and change the peace constitution which was forced upon to remove fangs and claws from Japan.

Let Japan have nukes taiwan sex slaves restore the Imperial Army. Then, they will become quiet. On the one slxves the apology deniers criticize the entire Japanese population as "being "in denial". On the other hand they excuse the rampant anti-Japanese sentiment in their own country as "not the same thing".

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ Taiwan gave money Friday to women forced to serve as sex slaves for the Japanese army during World II, and promised. Taiwan activists demand Japan apologise over sex slaves. Hundreds gather outside Japanese mission, demanding Tokyo to provide compensation. AFP. Comfort women were women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese taken, about the continued reference to the women as "comfort women" instead of "sex slaves. . Middlemen advertised in newspapers circulating in Japan and the Japanese colonies of Korea, Taiwan, Manchukuo, and China.

It's amazing